Cottage Housing Requirements

Compliant Districts
A cottage house is permitted on a single lot in the following districts:
  • AG
  • RR
  • R1
  • R2
  • R3
  • R4
  • RO
  • VR
Cottages are allowed as a temporary 2nd dwelling for members of the immediate family who are over 62 years of age, or have a mental or physical disability.

Required Criteria

The following 4 criteria must be met:
  • The 2nd dwelling must be of a temporary nature. The use shall terminate and the dwelling shall be removed or abandoned within 60 days when the need no longer exists or if the primary parcel is transferred or assigned. The 2nd dwelling shall be occupied by a grandparent, parent, child, brother or sister, aunt or uncle of the owner and resident residing on the primary parcel.
  • The occupant of the temporary second dwelling shall be more than 62 years old, or have a disabling physical or mental condition which requires continued care and attention.
  • On a lot of 2 acres or less the cottage house shall be located within a dwelling currently on the lot. On a lot of more than 2 acres the cottage house may be located within a dwelling currently on the lot or be a mobile home.
  • When the cottage house is a mobile home, skirting of a compatible material is substituted for a foundation.