Green Business Network

With the support of the Harford County Office of Economic Development, The Harford County Green Business Network (HCGBN) recognizes businesses who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability through the promotion of energy efficiency, resource management or environmental stewardship within their business model. Furthermore, it showcases these sustainable business practices not only with customers, but with other businesses in Harford County.

Are you ready to get involved and learn how your business can more efficiently use and re-use resources to save money?

To participate in engaging learning and networking sessions about sustainable business practices, you must be a member of the HCGBN. The Network is free to join and the first step is completing a Green Profile.

Designed to foster a networking environment for businesses to collaborate and discover innovative sustainable business practices.

To create a triple bottom line economic ecosystem within Harford County whereby businesses are leaders and visionaries reducing operating costs and our Green Footprint while expanding opportunities.

The Green Profile
  • Identifies where a business 'is' in integrating efficiency into its business model
  • Where the Business wants to go in regards to sustainability
  • What tools the Business needs to reach its goal of efficiently using and re-using its resources