Harford First

Harford has a Job for Everyone!
Why not consider some of the following reasons for looking into working in
Harford County for a world class manufacturing or distribution company?
Harford First, Growing Manufacturing and Workforce
  • The new workplace is not your grandfather's factory: Our companies are high tech, clean and open to new ideas and new people
  • Not sure I want to go to college: You can obtain real world experience working in industry that will provide a great platform for you in the future.
  • College is expensive: Yes it is and some companies will help with those costs, you need to check it out!
  • I want to go to college part time and work part time: No problem, we have companies that will work with your schedule! Our distribution facilities hire large numbers of employees for the holiday season and other companies are willing to work with you on your schedule. But you have to talk to them and ask the question.
  • I don't want to do 'those' kinds of jobs: Would you like to make spices, operate a robot, make a part that is on the Mars Rover? Those are the kinds of jobs being done every day in Harford County.
Download a listing of Harford County Manufacturing and Distribution Companies (PDF), look at their website, and give them a call. They are waiting for you to make the move to a great career, a paycheck and learning skills that you can use the rest of your life!