Facilities and Operations

Harford County Circuit Courthouse

The Division of Facilities and Operations was created by Executive Order 84-1.  The Division is administered by the Chief of Facilities and Operations, who is also responsible for the Division of Central Services, and reports to the Director of Administration.  The mission of the Division is to support Harford County in achieving its goals and objectives of fiscal balance and efficiency, strengthening our communities and investing in our workforce.   The Division of Facilities and Operations is responsible for operations and maintenance of over 146 facilities to include mechanical, repair, renovation, custodial services and capital improvements to ensure these facilities are operating safely at peak efficiency.   Facilities and Operations oversee the County warehouse, surplus and inventory of County assets.  The Division provides quality service in a professional manner while continuing to improve customer satisfaction. 

The Central Services Division of the Department of Administration provides mail and switchboard services.  Under Executive Order 84-1, the Chief of Facilities and Operations is responsible for this Division.  The Division provides mailing services for all County agencies to include incoming, outgoing and interoffice mailings.  The Harford County switchboard is managed by this Division and handles all incoming customer service calls.