911 Center

  1. Do You Know When to Call 911?

    Dial 911 only in cases where you need immediate response in an emergency situation.

  2. What Happens When You Call 911

    When you call 911 in Harford County to request emergency help, be prepared to answer the call taker's questions. The information is vital to first responders dispatched to the location.

  3. Know About Active Incidents in the County

    Stay informed with incidents in your area.

  4. How to Clearly Display Address/House Numbers

    Homes and businesses in Harford County must have address numerals clearly displayed on their homes or buildings. Failure to do so hinders the response of ambulance, fire and law enforcement personnel who may need to find an address quickly during an emergency.

  5. Local Automatic Fire Alarm System Laws

    Automatic Fire Alarms are essential to both lives and property. However, false alarms are time consuming and tax the resources of the local Fire Departments.

  6. About Your 911 and Communications Center

    The Harford County Communications/911 Center covers the entire county including the 3 incorporated municipalities of Aberdeen, Bel Air, and Havre de Grace, along with all outlying communities. Utilizing the center's Priority Dispatch System, our dispatchers instructs the caller with a medical, fire or police emergency what to do until 1st responders arrive.

  7. A Look At Our Dispatcher Training Program

    All Harford County Public Safety Dispatchers begin their Career with 4 weeks of training at our Training Academy, under the direction of the Division's Training Supervisor.

  8. Learn About Our Gold 9-1-1 Program

    Harford County Department of Emergency Services (DES) seeks to honor children who called 911 for assistance in a real, documented emergency situation case. This special hero is presented with a Gold 911 pin during a special ceremony in his or her honor in front of their entire school.

  9. Business Emergency Contact Registration Form

    Follow this link to register an emergency contact(s) for your business. This can expedite public safety resource requests to your business if you should ever need them.