The Local Management Board works through the Department of Community Services and collaboratively with existing providers in the community to develop or expand programs to meet the needs of children, youth and Families in Harford County.
Local Access Mechanism (LAM)
The LAM consists of Family Navigation services in which a Legacy parent works to empower other families through the individual family-to-family support, education, advocacy, resource referral and follow up.  The program targets families of school-age children in need of support being linked with resources to help improve child and family functioning.
 Result Areas  Vendor  Program Goal  Schools Served
 School Success Making a Difference:
Truancy Education, Inc.
120 children and families Services are available at targeted elementary
and middle schools in Edgewood and Aberdeen.
Children in Need of Supervision (CINS) Diversion
Provides full service array of resource referral, case management, outpatient therapy and intensive outpatient therapy to youth-at-risk of Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) involvement or further involvement in the juvenile justice system.  The program is targeted to middle and high school age youth exhibiting CINS type behavior.
 Results Areas  Vendor  Program Goal Schools Served 
School Success
& Safety
Upper Bay Counseling and
Support Services
 40 children and families Services are available to youth attending the
Alternative Education School in Aberdeen
Teen Court
Offered as a positive experience to divert a first time teen offender away from a pattern of criminal behavior.  It is a restorative justice program run by teens for teens.  It targets first time offenders between the ages of 13017 that have committed a non-violent misdemeanor offense.
 Results Area  Vendor  Program Goal  Schools Served
School Success
& Safety
 Catholic Charities  140 youth and families Services are available to youth in
Bel Air, Aberdeen, and Edgewood