Gold 9-1-1 Program

The Harford County Department of Emergency Services seeks to honor children who called 911 for assistance in a real, documented emergency situation case. This special hero is presented with a Gold 911 pin during a special ceremony in his or her honor in front of their entire school. Also present at the assembly are the child's parents and emergency responders. Details of the situation are shared by all those involved, and a proclamation from the county executive and Harford County Council members is read for all to hear.
Child Calls 911 for Real Emergency
The ceremony's highlight comes when a 911 dispatcher or 911 educator from the Harford County 911 Center attaches the Gold 911 pin to the child's shirt. The pin is the visible symbol of the child's heroism.

For more information about the Gold 911 Program or to arrange a school visit from a 911 Educator, please contact Melissa Blessing at 410-638-4946.