Landlord Information

Are you a landlord with a unit available for rent in Harford County?

Click here to complete a "Unit Available for Rent" form and submit it to Housing & Community Development.

We will post the completed form in our reception area for 30 days in an effort to assist clients who are searching for a unit for rent. Please contact our office once the unit is rented so that we may remove it from our listing.

An available unit will not be posted if the unit is not offered to Section 8 clients.

Landlord Forms:

ACH Form

Agent Authorization Form

Landlord Certification

Lead Warning Statement

Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA)

SDAT Address Change Form

Smoke Detector Certification

Utility Schedule 2016

W-9 Form

Landlord with keys

Section 8 rental payment schedule for July 2016 through June 2017 are listed below. These are the dates landlords receive tenants rental payments from our office:

JULY                 July 1, 2016
AUGUST           July 29, 2016
SEPTEMBER    September 2, 2016
OCTOBER         September 30, 2016
NOVEMBER      October 28, 2016
DECEMBER      December 2, 2016
JANUARY          December 30, 2016
FEBRUARY       January 27, 2017
MARCH             February 24, 2017
APRIL               March 31, 2017
MAY                  April 28, 2017
JUNE                June 2, 2017