Request For Proposals

The Local Management Board is offering two Request For Proposals for:

Youth Services Bureau

A Youth Services Bureau is a community-based, non-residential entity that provides delinquency prevention, youth suicide prevention, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, formal and informal counseling, crisis intervention and youth development services to youth and their families in the county they reside.  Eligibility to become a Youth Services Bureau involves meeting the criteria listed in the attachment to the Request for Proposal.  The Department of Juvenile Services must approve your organization as a designated Youth Services Bureau.  The selected vendor will have until June 30, 2016 to complete this process.  The LMB will provide technical assistance to facilitate this process if necessary.
Deadline is April 14, 2016
Download Youth Services Bureau RFP

Children In Need Of Supervision (CINS)

CINS Prevention serves elementary-age and some middle school youth that have been identified as exhibiting disruptive behavior or presenting behaviors such as acting out or withdrawing at home, school or in the community.  It also serves youth that have been impacted by incarceration because one or both of their parents is incarcerated or has a history of incarceration.  The focus of the program is to intervene early at a point in time when the identified issues are more amenable to intervention.
CINS Diversion serves middle and high school-age youth at risk of becoming formally involved, or further involved in the juvenile justice system.  Referring criteria include if the youth is found to be a) habitually truant from school; or is b) habitually disobedient, ungovernable and beyond the control of the person having custody of him or c) deports himself as to injure or endanger himself or others; or d) has committed an offense applicable only to children; or e) youth in crisis and/or at-risk for entry into youth placement systems.
Deadline is April 14, 2016
Download Children In Need of Supervision RFP