Business Recycling and Waste Reduction Awards

Harford County Government congratulates all local organizations that work to reduce waste. Businesses and organizations around the County have made recycling and waste reduction a part of their operations to great success. Most businesses and organizations find waste diversion and recycling programs well received by both customers and staff. In addition, these practices can save money on disposal costs. Go green in more ways than one!

These businesses are leading the way, helping Harford County to recycle and reduce waste.

2016 Award Winners

St. Joan of Arc School

St. Joan of Arc School is a Pre-K to 8th grade school located in Aberdeen. The school offers single stream and electronics recycling for students and staff. In addition, the school hosts an Environmental Club that spearheads initiatives such as Waste-Free Wednesdays, where students are asked to only bring lunch items in reusable containers.

St. Joan of Arc School encourages students and staff to learn about and practice waste reduction and recycling. Through their efforts, the next generation is learning to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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What is this award for?
Recycling and waste reduction are important strategies used to reduce individual impact through the conservation of resources. Waste reduction strategies include using less packaging, purchasing in bulk, and providing reusable instead of disposable materials. In addition, recycling and composting programs divert materials from landfills and conserve resources.

Tidewater Marina

Tidewater Marina is a full service marina located in Havre de Grace. The marina provides a variety of recycling programs, including single stream, electronics, and battery recycling. They also offer waste oil and antifreeze recycling and participate in Harford County's shrink wrap recycling program.

Tidewater Marina reduces waste through reusing materials and converting to electronic reports and documention when feasible. Tidewater Marina is a great example of waste reduction and recycling practices in a recreational setting.

Plaque and Recognition

Award winners will receive a plaque for display at a public awards ceremony and recognized on the Harford County website, in the local media, and social media.

All award applicants will become Partners in Recycling, receiving a sticker to display in their business and listings on the County website and social media.
Recycling Partners Decal

Past Winners:

Legends of the Fog

Interested Businesses

If you are a business or organization in Harford County that works to recycle and reduce waste, be recognized as a leader in the community. Submit completed applications via email or mail to 3135 Scarboro Road, Street, MD 21154.
All applications are due by March 18, 2017.