Historic Preservation

Story Map - Historic Places of Bel Air, Maryland
Explore and learn about some of Bel Air’s historic places through our virtual walking tour.

Harford County's rich cultural heritage is reflected in its exceptionally diverse stock of historic buildings, sites and structures, including unique creations.
Historic House
The county has supported surveys of historic resources since 1969. This ongoing effort should be continued to aid in evaluating surviving resources and in documenting the heritage and character of the county's diverse communities and cultures for future generations.

  • Documentation and Protection of Historic Resources:
    • Designate and protect sites and structures that serve as significant visible reminders of the county's history.
    • Use the county's historic architectural, cultural, and archaeological resources to help maintain and enhance the livability of the county's communities, villages, and landscapes.
  • Economic Enrichment: Contribute to the economic development and vitality of the county.
  • Education and Outreach: Foster a sense of civic pride and an understanding and appreciation of the county's heritage among its citizens.