Grandfathering provisions allow certain non-conforming uses to continue even though they may be inconsistent with the existing law. However, any expansion of that non-conformity may require a variance.

You are permitted to build a single family dwelling on any residentially-zoned lot legally subdivided prior to December 1, 1985 or individual parcels of land recorded as of December 1, 1985 and which are not a part of a subdivision. In the Limited Development Areas (LDA) or Resource Conservation Areas (RCA), lot coverage limitations may restrict development of the property. Note: Habitat Protection Areas and Water Dependent Facilities are not grandfathered and all applicable regulations must be met.

Even if your land use is grandfathered, you may be subject to CBCA regulations. Check with the Department of Planning and Zoning to see what regulations may apply and refer to House Bill 1253 for lot coverage limitations on grandfathered lots.