Capital Projects

A collage of images taken throughout Harford County.
Abingdon Landfill
From 1960 - 1973, the Abingdon Landfill accepted municipal solid waste for disposal. The site is located on a portion of a 24-acre parcel, situated off Old Philadelphia Road approximately ½ mile southwest of Abingdon. In addition to the closed landfill, the property is also the site of current County operations, including Highways and Water and Sewer.

Bush Valley Landfill
The Bush Valley Landfill is located on the north side of Bush Road, approximately 1 mile northeast of Abingdon. This privately owned and operated facility accepted solid waste from 1975 - 1982. After operations at the site ceased, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Maryland Department of the Environment reviewed the environmental conditions at the site, and in 1988 placed it on the EPA’s National Priorities List.

Harford County Government, identified by the EPA as one of the potentially responsible parties related to Bush Valley Landfill, conducted a remedial investigation and feasibility study at the site pursuant to an agreement with the EPA. Data and evaluations resulting from this work were used by the EPA to prepare its September 1995 Record of Decision, which identified remedial actions to be completed at the site.

The required actions include provisions for capping of the landfill, control of landfill gas, and monitoring of the environmental conditions at the site and adjacent areas. The County, in cooperation with other parties, has entered into an agreement to design, construct, maintain, and monitor the remedial actions.

Madonna Landfill
The Madonna Landfill is located in the northwestern portion of Harford County, off Madonna Road. The site encompasses 26 acres, a portion of which was used for disposal of solid waste from 1957 - 1985. The waste deposited at the site primarily came from the surrounding rural and agricultural areas, and consisted of residential and farm waste.

With the exception of monitoring by County personnel, no other County activities are currently taking place at the site. Trees and vegetation planted on the site after closure are thriving, and the landfill resembles the surrounding forested area.

Mullins Landfill
Located on a 102-acre parcel of County-owned land, the Mullins Landfill is situated approximately ½ mile east of Aberdeen off Old Post Road. During the period of 1969 - 1976, Harford County operated a portion of the site as a municipal solid waste landfill. The facility served primarily the surrounding Aberdeen and Havre de Grace Areas.

Subsequent to cessation of landfill operations, the site reopened in 1982 as a scrap-tire storage facility. Tire storage at the site continued until 1996 with the remaining tires removed for disposal at off-site locations. Fences and other site features related to the former tire storage activities are being removed; the remainder of the site is well vegetated.

Perryman Landfill
From 1953 - 1973, a small landfill was active on the west side of Perryman Road, approximately ½ mile south of Canning House Road. The landfill was adjacent to an area that would later become a residential development. In response to concerns about the presence of gas produced by decomposition of organic matter in waste, there was installation of a venting system on the perimeter of the landfill. In addition, there is monitoring of the soil gas and groundwater at the site to maintain that the site does not pose a threat to public health or the environment.

Tollgate Landfill
The Tollgate Landfill is a closed facility located west of Bel Air. Landfill operations took place on 2 portions of the site, comprising approximately 62 acres, during the period of 1954 - 1987. Landfill closure and remediation are on-going that includes capping of the landfill and the operation of a landfill gas control system. A groundwater remediation system is operating at the site, and a project to expand and upgrade the system is underway. Monitoring of groundwater and soil gas is routine.