Investing in Our Workforce

Investing in Workforce

To invest in employees who deliver vital government services.




Administration Facilities & Operations Implement a trade apprenticeship program for Facilities & Operations employees
DES Emergency Communications Center Continue education development 
DES Emergency Communications Center Explore implementation of Low Code, and nurse triage system
DES   Provide administrative support, technical support and training to Harford County Government and public safety partners.
DES   Develop & implement a career based EMS system 
DILP   Support the employee performance matrix
DILP   Implement an employee performance matrix
DPW Highways Provide responsive & effective service to roadway, bridges and development stakeholders
DPW Office of Director Invest in Employees & Organization 
Gov. & Comm Relations   Provide friendly customer service with efficiency, transparency and accountability
Housing & Community Development   Develop departmental administrative policies and procedures
Housing & Community Development   Provide customer service training opportunities
HR   Communication - Provide on-going informational exchange
HR   Advancement - Attract and retain a talented and dedicated workforce
HR   Respect - Build employee morale
HR   Equality - Concentrate specific training and monitoring of issues in the workplace
Law   Provide sound legal and practical advice and counsel to client agencies
OED   Career Growth and Progression
P&R   Identify, increase and encourage training opportunities for staff
P&Z   Provide quality customer service