Strengthening Our Communities

Strengthening Communities

To enhance our communities by investing in and promoting our community services and public safety.




Administration Facilities & Operations - Central Services Improve customer service by efficiently accepting switchboard calls
Community Services   Strengthen community outreach and awareness
Community Services   Strengthen community outreach, awareness and employment accessibility
Community Services   Connect and provide seniors and caregivers to resources that promote wellbeing 
Community Services   Develop and support youth outreach programs
Community Services   Successfully implement Grant in Aid Program
Community Services   Provide prevention outreach and recovery support for 10,000 youth and 6,000 adults
Community Services   Operate 4 specialty courts for 75 participants
Community Services   Apply for $400,000 state and federal grants addressing substance issues
Community Services   Raise awareness and prevent opiate use and overdose
DES Administration/ Emergency Management Public education and awareness
DES Emergency Communications Center Develop needs and implementation plan for Next Generation 911
DES Emergency Communications Center Explore implementation of Low Code, and nurse triage system
DES Emergency Management Conduct one quarterly Cabinet exercise testing county response plans to all natural and manmade disasters
DES Emergency Management Maintain operational readiness in the Emergency Operations Center
DES Emergency Management/ Technical Services Enhance County's response to all disasters by acquiring CCTV feeds relevant to critical infrastructure 
DES Haz Mat Response Team Provide effective and efficient hazmat response
DES Haz Mat Response Team Assure prevention of hazmat incidents through inspection and public education programs
DES Rescue Support Provide coordinated and specialized high risk rescues in support of the local volunteer and EMS services
DES Vol Fire and EMS and EMS Foundation Introduce legislation that future retirement and assisted living communities will have onsite EMS services whereby reducing EMS response workload by 15%
DES   Provide administrative support, technical support and training to Harford County Government and public safety partners.
DES   Develop & implement a career based EMS system 
DPW Construction Management  Manage project construction & inspections
DPW Construction Management  Manage and coordinate MS4 activities
DPW Construction Management  Manage the permit and review process
DPW Construction Management  Enforce grading & SWM permit requirements 
DPW  Construction Management  Direct & Manage Project Design 
DPW Construction Management  Ensure SWM facilities function long-term
DPW Environmental Services Maintenance & Monitoring of County Landfills 
DPW Environmental Services Provide Adequate Solid Waste Disposal Capacity 
DPW Environmental Services Management & Oversee M.E.S. Contract 
DPW Highways Maintain Efficiency & Safety of County Roadways 
DPW Highways Provide Safe & Well-Maintained Bridges 
DPW Office of Director Quality & Customer Service 
DPW Water & Sewer Protect Public Health & The Environment 
DPW Water & Sewer Provide Responsive & Economical Service to Customers 
DPW Water & Sewer Provide Clean, Affordable Water to Customers 
Gov. & Comm Relations   Expand communication and engagement opportunities with citizens
Gov. & Comm Relations   Provide friendly customer service with efficiency, transparency and accountability
Gov. & Comm Relations   Analyze public input to inform and guide county government actions
Gov. & Comm Relations   Nurture relationships with outside agencies, public education and agricultural community
Housing & Community Development   Expand homeownership and economic opportunities for citizens
Housing & Community Development   Provide safe and sanitary housing for low-moderate income households, the elderly and special needs populations 
Housing & Community Development   Enhance the ability of public and private sector organizations that provide homeless prevention services to low-moderate income citizens
Housing & Community Development   To promote affordable housing opportunities for low-moderate income households, the elderly and disabled and to create viable communities by creating partnerships and programs that improves the quality of life for our citizens.
Law   Provide efficient, expedient document review and processing for clients
Law   Support legislative initiatives to advance the county's goals and objectives
OED Harford Transit Transportation
OICT   Enable open government
OICT   Support public safety 
P&R   Maintain, improve and develop safe and secure department facilities, park sites and greenways / trails.
P&R   Provide excellent customer service
P&R   Acquire additional recreation land through Program Open Space funding to help meet the needs of current and future residents
P&R   Improve efficiencies within the department while insuring that services are not reduced
P&Z   Expand community planning and outreach efforts
P&Z   Expand online mapping and data analysis tools
P&Z   To process plans, applications and correspondence in a timely manner
Treasury   Leverage grants to create opportunities for growth and enhancement of County goals