How to Speak at a Virtual Council Meeting

Public Viewing and Participation Availability for Virtual Public Hearings or Legislative Sessions

The Council Public Hearings and Legislative Sessions will be hosted virtually during the ongoing Health Emergency. Meetings will be live streamed on the Harford Cable Network YouTube page for the public to watch remotely. To join the meetings for listening by audio only, view the meeting agenda  for the call-in number and access code.   You can also call the Council office at 410-638-3343 for the information. The Meetings will air as normally scheduled on Wednesday nights on Harford Cable Network channels Comcast 21; Armstrong 7 and Verizon 31. The meetings will be archived on the Council website, as usual.

Residents who Wish to Testify via Web Conferencing for 

Public Hearings or During Legislative Sessions, Item 17

Comments from Attending Citizens are REQUIRED to preregister by emailing or calling 410-638-3343 by 2:00 pm on the day of the meeting. You MUST provide the following information when requesting to testify:

     1. Identify how you will be joining the meeting (you choices are joining via WebEx following these direction or have a call                 back when it time for you to speak.

     2. First and last name

     3. Email

     4. Phone( Required for call back )

     5. Address

     6. Position on Matter: Support/ Neutral/Opposition

Those who sign up to speak during the Public Hearing or Legislative Session via WebEx will receive detailed instructions following the 2:00 pm deadline. Failure to follow the directions when joining via WebEx will result in the host losing the ability to identify you and call upon you to speak. In the event you are not identified to speak during the meeting, we ask that you submit your comments to the Council Office in writing and your comments will be copied into the minutes for permanent record.

If you are requesting a call back you must be available for the entire duration of the meeting, during which time you will receive a call when it is your time to speak. To avoid feedback we ask that mute any device you are using to listen to/watch the meeting.

All citizens speaking will receive 3 minutes.

Residents are reminded that internet testimony is considered public information and, as such, is subject to the Maryland Public Information Act.