Section 8 Existing Housing

Important Notice
The Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list is now open. You may apply online at   

About the Program
The program, also known as Section 8, provides rental assistance to income-eligible families. The Program pays the landlord a portion of the monthly rent to help families afford a better place to live. A family consists of one or more household members, and the household income must meet federal income limit guidelines.

  1. Application: The family completes the preliminary application, and the family's name is placed on the waiting list.
  2. Selection Policy: The Selection Policy is based on date and time of application. Applicants must reside within the Housing Agency's jurisdiction. Local Selection Policy: County resident, working family, currently receiving unemployment benefits, elderly (62 or older), disabled, abused persons, attending an educational program, or displaced by government action.
  3. Enrollment: When the family's name reaches the top of the waiting list, an enrollment interview is scheduled and eligibility is determined.
  4. Certification: If determined eligible, the family attends a briefing session where information is provided on how the Program works and how to obtain housing suitable for the family's needs.
  5. Housing Selection: The family finds housing within 120 days that meets HUD's Housing Quality Standards and allowable rent limits. The family's present dwelling may qualify, or, under the Program's portability option, the family may find a unit within or outside Maryland, provided a Housing Choice Voucher Program exists in the jurisdiction in their desired state.
  6. Negotiation: The family comes to an agreement with the Landlord on lease terms.
  7. Agency Review: The Housing Agency evaluates the lease and inspects the dwelling unit to determine if they meet Program standards.
  8. Approval: The Housing Agency determines approval or disapproval of the lease and unit.
  9. Program Participation: Upon Agency approval of the lease and unit, the Housing Agency and Landlord enter into a contract on behalf of the family for the unit.
Address Change Request
If you are currently on the Section 8 Waiting List, and there has been a change in your contact information, you must submit the Address Change Request. Failure to provide the Agency with your current contact information may result in your name being removed from the Waiting List.

For more information about the Housing Choice Voucher Program, call the Housing Agency at 410-638-3045.