Jury Commissioner


We don't ask for your Social Security Number:

​​No Judiciary employee or Law Enforcement agent acting on behalf of the Jury Commissioner will ever ask you for your Social Security Number. No one from the Jury Commissioner's  Office will call (or email) you and ask for your Social Security Number or financial information (such as bank information or a credit card number).

We don't call about failing to appear for jury duty and ask for money, etc.:

​The Jury Commissioner's Office (or Law Enforcement agent acting on behalf of the Jury Commissioner/Court) will not call you to inform you that you failed to appear for jury duty and request money (or credit card information or pre-paid debit cards, etc.) as a payment for a fine or bond.

Protect yourself: Do NOT give the requested information. Instead, call the Jury Commissioner's Office at 410-638-3251 and your local law enforcement agency (Harford County Sheriff's Office) at 410-838-6600 immediately.

Never give personal information when answering an unsolicited phone call or email message.

  1. Documents

    Downloadable forms for medical, military and other excusals.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions

    Please review our frequently asked questions to get more information about jury service in Harford County.

  3. Juror Reporting Instructions

    Review final reporting instructions for your jury service date.

  4. Qualification Form

    Juror Qualification Forms are sent to all prospective jurors and are used to help determine whether a person is qualified or eligible to be a juror.

  5. Where to Report

    Information for where to report, where to park and the inclement weather policy for jurors.