Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee administers the promotion and review process of the scholarship program. At least 2 scholarships, each $500, will be awarded annually to a Harford County female in need of financial assistance for post-secondary education (undergraduate education/technical school).

Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee researches and identifies legislative issues of importance and relevance to women. It advises commissioners and interested women of issues and pending legislation that impact the lives of women.

Ways & Means Committee
The Ways and Means Committee suggests and plans events and activities designed to promote women's issues and the commission. This committee initiates fund raising activities. Its special responsibility is the Women's History Month Luncheon.

Visibility Committee
The Visibility Committee strives to keep the Women's Commission and women's issues in the forefront of county concerns.

Resource Committee
The Resource Committee acts as a liaison between community groups and the commission and helps to identify resources available to women in Harford County. It provides updated information for the Harford County Resource Guide.