Agency Listing

  1. Children, Youth & Families

    Provides advocacy for children, youth and families through public and private organizations that deliver human services.

  2. Commission for Women

    The Harford County Commission for Women is a group of 15 volunteer citizens dedicated " promoting the economic, social, and political equality of women."

  3. Commission on Disabilities

    This commission reviews overall services and activities for collecting data regarding the needs of and review of reports and publications of existing governmental agencies providing services to individuals with disabilities.

  4. Human Relations Commission

    The Harford County Human Relations Commission is a group of 15 volunteer citizens dedicated to “alleviating social problems and promoting equality, understanding and harmonious relations between the citizens of the county.”

  5. Mediation Program

    Mediation is an informal process conducted in a neutral setting with 2 skilled mediators. The purpose of mediation is to help you to work out a lasting solution to your conflict.

  6. Office on Aging

    The Office on Aging focuses solely on housing options, financial assistance and transportation services for the elderly.

  7. Office of Drug Control Policy

    The mission of the Office of Drug Control Policy is to promote and provide prevention services through strategies utilizing the resources of public/private agencies and citizens.

  8. Volunteer Harford

    Volunteer Harford provides personal service to potential volunteers who wish to share their time and talents. We work to match your skills and interests with an agency/organization that needs you.