State Grants

  1. Emergency & Transitional Housing & Services (ETHS)

    The Emergency and Transitional Housing and Services (ETHS) Program provides state funding for emergency and transitional shelters for people who are homeless.

  2. Homeless Women-Crisis Shelter (HW-CSH)

    The Homeless Women-Crisis Shelter (HW-CS) Program is a program funded through the Maryland Department of Human Resources (DHR), which provides shelter, room and board, counseling, and referral services to homeless women and children.

  3. Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP)

    The Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) provides limited grants or loans to households with a pending eviction.

  4. Housing Counselor Aftercare Program (HCAP)

    Funding is available for the salary and FICA for each housing counselor position. The FICA funds should be used for the employer’s contribution to FICA.

  5. Service Linked Housing Program (SLHP)

    The Service-Linked Housing Program (SLHP) provides linkages for low-income persons living in permanent housing to supportive services in the community to help them maintain their housing and not become homeless.