False Identification

What to Look For
  1. Is the identification vertical? If it's a Maryland license the individual is most likely under 21. Verify the vertical.
  2. Does the photo match the person standing in front of you?
  3. Compare the individuals characteristics to what is listed on the identification, height, weight, hair, etc.
  4. Do not accept expired identification.
  5. Is the lamination peeled, rough, or torn, if so it could be altered.
  6. Feel for rough or bumpy ridges near the photo.
  7. Look for blurred, smudged, or different lettering.
  8. Cross reference security features with the ID Checking Guide.
  9. Question the individual on address, date of birth, have them sign their name, etc.
  10. If there is any doubt, ask for additional identification.
  • A Maryland driver's license is your best form of ID.
    • Maryland law (2B 12-108 (3) (iii) states, as a retailer you have the right to refuse the sale.
  • If you continue to have doubt, do not serve.
  • If you suspect intoxication, do not serve.
Additional Information
Learn more about checking identification online. You may also call the Liquor Control Board at 410-638-3028.