One Day Licenses for Nonprofits

Special One Day Licenses are issued to:
  • Bona fide clubs, organizations, associations, etc.
  • For events held on behalf of a nonprofit organizations
  • Open to the public
  • Where alcohol is being sold or provided

One Day Application Types

  • One Day Beer and Wine
  • One Day Beer, Wine and Liquor License

Duration of Event

  • One day event
  • An event that does not exceed 7 consecutive days


  • Beer and Wine = $15
  • Beer, Wine and Liquor = $30
  • Outside Events = Additional $25
  • Late Fee = $50 (Applications not filed 30 days prior to event)
Individuals who apply for and are issued a One Day License are responsible for managing the event under all applicable alcohol beverage laws for sale, consumption, and possession of alcohol, which are established in Article 2B, of the Annotated Code of Maryland and the Rules and Regulations of the Harford County Liquor Control Board. All licenses must be displayed so it shall, at all times, during the event be conspicuous and easily read, in public view.

How to Obtain Applications

Obtain applications online. The application for a Special One Day License must be submitted to the Board no less than 30 days prior to the date that the event is being held. Any applications received within less than 30 days prior to the scheduled event must pay a $50 late fee in addition to the license fee. Bylaws and food catering contracts and license fees must accompany the application unless they have been filed previously with the Board. Applications can be mailed to the applicant upon request for a $1 processing fee.

All one-day permit applications must be signed and notarized by all applicants and signed by the property owner.

Outside Events

  • All events that involve an outside venue must pay an additional processing fee of $25.
  • If any portion of the event is going to be outside the applicant must complete sections E and F on the Special One Day License Application.
  • The applicant must submit a detailed diagram of the event, depicting the projected security plan.
All public events, must complete the public event request form with the Department of Planning and Zoning.

Alcoholic Beverages Provided

  • Must be a licensed State of Maryland wholesaler or retail store.
    • Retail Store needs approval for retail delivery if the product is being delivered to the event.
  • Statewide or Harford County Alcoholic Beverage License Caterer

Special One Day License Not Needed

  • Alcoholic Beverages are provided by Harford County licensed caterer or Statewide licensed caterer
  • Function is a private gathering where alcoholic beverages are not being sold.
  • On Private Property and alcoholic beverages are not being sold.