A carpool is when 2 or more people share the ride to work. It only takes 2 to form a carpool, and arrangements can be as flexible as you need them to be.

Carpool Benefits

  • Cost Savings - Carpooling helps you save on your commute costs and the wear and tear on your vehicle. The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates that driving alone to work, 25 miles round trip each day, can cost a commuter about $22 per day - and over $5,100 each year! And that includes wear and tear (depreciation) and the cost of auto maintenance related to the miles spent commuting.

    Sharing the ride with just 1 other person in a carpool can, according to AAA, reduce those costs to roughly $11 per day and $2,550 per year; riding in a 3- or 4-person carpool can cut those costs even more!
  • Relief from Stress - Typically, carpool participants take turns driving. That means you might be able to read, sleep, work, socialize or just plain relax instead of being stuck all the time behind the wheel by yourself fighting the traffic. Carpoolers report that they are more relaxed, rested and feel more ready to face the day than drive-alone commuters.
  • Flexibility - Most carpools are formed through arrangements with friends, neighbors and coworkers, who are sensitive to individual needs. So if a member of the group can't carpool 1 day, the group simply travels without that person that day. Since every so often everyone needs to stay late or arrive early, carpool groups become expert at crafting flexible arrangements. Overall, a carpool tends to be a friendly association that easily adjusts to the needs of the people in it.
Additional Information
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