HarfordNEXT has been submitted to the County Council May 3, 2016
The goal of HarfordNEXT is to provide guidance for future planning decisions in the county over the next 20 years. As Harford County residents we need to answer the question “What do we want to be as a county?” HarfordNEXT will propose specific recommendations that will be implemented after adoption of the plan.
Planning and Zoning staff performed best practice research throughout the country to determine appropriate themes for the comprehensive approach to HarfordNEXT. The following 6 themes have been selected to help guide county programs, policies and capital projects.
Grow With Purpose
  • Livable Communities
  • Public Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Strengthening Communities
  • Housing
  • Government Accountability
Grow With Purpose
Preserving Our Heritage
  • Protect Historical and Cultural Resources
  • Protect Agricultural
  • Natural Resources, Build Capacity For Preservation
  • Educate and Connect With A Broader Audience
Preserving Our Heritage
Economic Vitality
  • Grow Economic Opportunity
  • Revitalize Existing Communities
  • Ensure a Skilled Workforce
Economic Vitality
Mobility & Connectivity
  • Taking A Universal Approach To Transportation Planning
  • Integrating Transportation and Land Use Planning
  • Establishing A Safe, Robust Network Of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Accommodating Users Of All Levels
  • Improving Transit Service Offered
  • Finding Alternative Ways To Manage Congestion
  • Expanding Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Programs
Mobility and Connectivity
Environmental Stewardship
  • Protect and Restore Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Preserve Water Resources
  • Stormwater Management
  • Outreach and Education
  • Natural Resource Management
Environmental Stewardship (2)
Promoting Healthy Communities
  • Foster Healthy Lifestyles and Active Living For All Harford County Residents
  • Provide Safe Communities
  • Provide Access To Healthy Food Choices For All Harford County Residents
  • Support Efficient and Effective Delivery Of Health
  • Social Services Throughout Harford County
For any questions related to HarfordNEXT or the process behind the Master Plan, please email Planning and Zoning.
Promoting Healthy Communities