Help the Environment

Ensure a Healthy Environment for Future Generations There is another, more tragic cost related to automobile use: degradation of our environment. Every day, millions of vehicles pump pollutants into our atmosphere. Some of these fall to earth, fouling streams and contaminating crops. Others rise into the stratosphere, damaging the ozone layer and causing global climate warming ­ the "greenhouse effect".

Still more of these pollutants cling close to earth, inhaled with every breath we take. Air pollution is a proven cause in several lung ailments, from asthma to emphysema. Ridesharing reduces the impact of automobiles on our roadways and our environment very simply ­ by traveling in groups rather than alone, ridesharing decreases the number of vehicles on our roads.

Emission Reduction
The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is seeking to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in the region by financially supporting the adoption of advanced technology vehicles in fleets operating in several counties near Washington, D.C. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) is operating The Clean Alternative program for its partners MDOT, the Maryland Department of Environment, and GRI. In its first phase, three Maryland fleets have joined the program. Barwood Cabs is operating 20 natural gas cabs; Montgomery County Transit has purchased 19 transit buses; and Prince George's County Schools have committed to 12 school buses.

"Ozone Action Days" is the title for a workplace-based public outreach program, sponsored by Clean Air Partners, aimed at changing individual behavior to reduce ozone production. More than 250 companies, government agencies, educational institutions and individuals participate in the program. Employers are asked to inform employees and customers about individual actions they should take to reduce the release of VOCs and NOx, especially during the hottest parts of the day. Clean Air members are also encouraged to consider modifying their company operations (such as painting, mowing, etc.) when Ozone Action Days are in effect. Some participants fly Ozone Action Day flags at their places of business and on company vehicles. In a number of localities, public transit is offered free or at reduced fare.

Clean Air Partners makes available a broad array of educational materials, workshops, speakers and other resources to help employers and individuals find ways to reduce ozone pollution in the region.

Additional Information

For more information, please visit Harford County's Sustainability Office or Clean Air Parters. Benefits of Non-Motorized Transportation In Harford County, many citizens avail themselves of non-motorized transportation as part of their personal wellness and support of a cleaner environment.