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The State's Attorney's Office is primarily responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases at the trial level. In this regard the State's Attorneys work with the police in the development of cases, presentations to the Grand Jury and trial of cases in the Circuit, District or Juvenile Court.

The Harford County State's Attorney's Family Support Division works with the Bureau of Support Enforcement to establish paternity, set and collect child support. The State's Attorney's Office has specialized units to deal with domestic violence and child abuse and victims-witness concerns.

To determine which division is handling your case, use this table:
Cases Beginning With Handled By


Circuit Court Division
12-J Juvenile Division
Beginning with a number followed by a letter District Court Division
12-C, 12-P, 12-U Family Support Division

  1. Next Day Circuit Court Status

    Get up to date news about the status of the circuit court.

  2. Child Advocacy Center

    The Harford County Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a multi-disciplinary, child-friendly place which has been operational since August of 1993. We are committed to the “best practices” in the investigation and intervention of crimes against children.

  3. Circuit Court Division

    The Circuit Court Division prosecutes the most serious crimes committed in our community. The Circuit Court prosecutors bring to trial men and women accused of murder, robbery, child abuse, sex offenses, drug distribution and other felonies.

  4. Directions & Parking

    Get directions to the State Attorney Office.

  5. District Court Division

    Get information on the functions of the District Court Division.

  6. Domestic Violence Unit

    This unit was established in 1995. Through coordination of the efforts of the criminal justice system, the unit works to hold abusers accountable, assure the safety of victims, and interrupt the cycle of domestic violence.

  7. Drug & Alcohol Programs

    See all of the drug and alcohol programs available within Harford County.

  8. Employment

    Find out which jobs are available within the State's Attorney office.

  9. Family Support Division

    The Family Support Division of the State's Attorney's Office provides legal representation to the Harford County Office of Child Support Enforcement.

  10. Forms

    View the important forms available within the State's Attorney office.

  11. History

    Learn about the history of the State's Attorney Department.

  12. Juvenile Court Division

    The primary function of the Juvenile Division is to prosecute individuals under the age of 18 who commit offenses which would be crimes if committed by an adult. While the State's Attorney's Office focuses on prosecuting juveniles, the juvenile laws provide for a program of treatment, training and rehabilitation for juvenile offenders, as opposed to criminal sanctions.

  13. Mental Health Diversion Program

    The Mental Health Diversion Program is designed to address mental illness and substance abuse among individuals who enter the criminal justice system. It is a judicially monitored program that assumes responsibility for managing cases through intensive supervision, mental health treatment, and rehabilitation.

  14. News Releases

    Get the most up to date information regarding the State's Attorney office.

  15. Witness Reporting Information

    Find out when and where to report if you are a witness.

  16. Victim Witness Assistance Unit

    Once a case is indicted by the Grand Jury or an "Information" has been filed, the Victim Witness Assistance Unit establishes contact with the victim by sending a letter and brochure explaining the rights to which a victim is entitled. Through early contact with a victim, any specialized needs of the victim can be identified and the stress and trauma of the criminal justice process is minimized.