Development Advisory Committee (DAC)


The Harford County Development Advisory Committee (DAC) advises the Director of Planning and Zoning regarding major subdivisions and certain other proposed development activities.  The DAC is composed of representatives from county, state, and other agencies. DAC meetings are open to the public.  Anyone attending may provide comments or ask questions regarding projects on the agenda.


DAC meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month as needed.

Meetings begin at 9:00 a.m.

For information regarding the Development Advisory Committee process, please call the Department of Planning and Zoning, Development Review Section at 410-638-3103.  

Notification & Posting

At least two weeks prior to a DAC meeting, subject properties are posted with a RED notice stating the date, time and location of the meeting. Meetings notices are also published in at least two local publications prior to the DAC meeting.  Adjoining property owners receive notice via Certified Mail.

Specific Requirements

See § 268-19 of the Harford County Code for specific information and requirements regarding the Development Advisory Committee.

Current Plan & DAC Meetings

For information on plans currently being considered by the Development Advisory Committee, please refer to the planning and zoning activity tracker .  The DAC meeting agenda, as well as minutes from previous DAC meetings, are available for review via the County’s website .  

Site Plan Application Waiver

Land development activities, including the subdivision of property or establishment of a new use, require review by the Department of Planning and Zoning and other agencies prior to issuance of a building permit or zoning certificate.  Initial review of a proposed project or activity may necessitate submittal of a Concept Plan, Preliminary Plan, or Site Plan.  Site Plans required for all nonresidential or multifamily housing uses will be distributed to the Development Advisory Committee and processed accordingly.

The requirement for site plan approval may be waived in instances of a change in use or occupancy where no extensive construction or improvement is proposed. The waiver may be granted only upon a determination that the use will not affect existing drainage, traffic circulation, configuration of buildings, landscaping, buffering, lighting, and other considerations of site plan approval, and the existing facilities do not require significant upgrade or additional site improvements.

Approval of a site plan application waiver does not exempt the applicant from other regulations associated with the development and use of the site.  Upon approval, a building permit or zoning certificate may be required.