Meet the Commission

Agency Representatives
  • Susan Austin (Harford County Public Schools)
  • Jessica Leone (The Image Center)
  • Niki Biggs (Abilities Network)
  • Jamie Stoner (The ARC NCR)
Citizens with Disabilities
  • Tracy Moore
  • Robert J. Neuman, Jr.
  • Johnny H. Hudson
  • Delia M. Henry
County Council Member
  • Councilman Mike Perrone
Family Members of Individuals with Disabilities
  • Michael B. Mathias
  • Marc J. Weinstein, Chair
Interested County Citizens
  • Andrea Beichler
  • Rebecca Cook
Local Business Representative
  • Helene M. Dubay
Student Representative
  • Tobi Ojo
Coordinator for Disabilities
  • Rachel Harbin
If you are interested in joining the Commission on Disabilities, contact the Disabilities Coordinator via email or by phone at 410-638-3373.