Advisory Board on Aging

Regular Meetings
  • 1:30 p.m.
  • 4th Wednesday of every month
  • Meeting dates subject to change due to holidays; no meetings June, July, or August
  • Location varies

          Members                                                                                   EXPIRATION OF TERM 

Joyce Apperson                                 District D                                September 30, 2016   Arlene B. Callender                            District B                                June 2, 2017
Kimberly A. Cooke                             Balto Co                                 September 30, 2017
Mark E. Di Domenico                         District E                                June 2, 2017
Anne M. Di Guardo                            District B                                June 21, 2019 
Tammy Sue Fitzgerald                        District F                                June 21, 2019
Lynn M. Garrison, Chair                     District C                                September 30, 2016
Debra T. Hanley                                 District C                                September 30, 2016
Sue Haviland                                      District D                                June 2, 2017
Marjary L. Kennedy                            District C                                October 6, 2016
Diana M. Klug                                    District D                                October 6, 2016
Patrick M. Lovett                                District C                                October 6, 2016
Heather M. Murphy                            District F                                June 2, 2017
Peter A. Panos                                   District B                                September 30, 2016
Jacqueline K. Panowicz                     District A                                June 21, 2019
Christel A. Patton                               Cecil Co.                                June 2, 2017
Barbara A. Risacher                          District A                                October 6, 2016
Claudia P. Sconion                            District A                                September 30, 2018
Faith S. Rattman                                District D                                June 21, 2019
Kirsten C. Robb-McGrath                   Balto Co.                                June 21, 2019
Karen Winkowski - Administrator, Office on Aging; O – 410-638-3025
Mary Mignini - Office on Aging; O - 410-638-3025 

This board shall consist of 20 members who shall be appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council in accordance with the County Charter. There will be 1 member from each Councilmanic district.

Created By
  • Code of Harford County, Article IX, Section 9-53
In Brief
  • Advise the Harford County Office on Aging on matters pertaining to our elderly citizens
All members shall serve 3-year terms. The County Executive shall annually designate 1 of the members as chairperson.

The powers and duties of the board are as follows:
  • Advise the Harford County Office on Aging.
  • Assist the Office on Aging in developing plans for the elderly, including the area plan for services for the elderly.
  • Conduct public hearings.
  • Encourage cooperative relationships and serve as a medium of exchange for organizations interested in the elderly.
  • Generally assist the elderly in the county with their problems in the areas of health, socialization, finances, recreation and environment.
  • Generally assist the elderly in the county with their problems.
  • Review legislation and policy decisions affecting Harford County's elderly and communicate information and concerns about such legislation and polices to the appropriate officials.
  • Review the annual budget of the Office on Aging and make recommendations to the Director of Community Services.
  • Review, evaluate services and programs operated by or funded through the Office on Aging.