Development Review

The Development Review Section is responsible for the review of residential and commercial development plans, forest conservation plans, and landscaping plans. Plans are reviewed for conformance with the Harford County Development Regulations. These regulations designate permitted uses in different zoning categories and they control numerous aspects of the development, including parking, building setbacks, buffer yards, and sensitive environmental features. This section is also responsible for conducting Development Advisory Committee meetings, which are held on the first and third Wednesday of every month and are open to the public.

Subdivision & Site Plan Review Fees
Type of Subdivision Subdivision Fee Revision Fee
Concept plan review $1,000 filing fee, plus $20 per gross acre $0
Residential lots (including mobile homes) $100 filing fee, plus $50 per lot $30 filing fee, plus $10 per lot
Multifamily and mobile home park $100 filing fee, plus $30 per unit $30 filing fee, plus $10 per unit
Commercial (subdivision or individual site plan) $200 filing fee, plus $50 per acre $75 filing fee, plus $10 per acre
Industrial (subdivision or individual site plan) $200 filing fee, plus $50 per acre $75 filing fee, plus $10 per acre
Extensions of preliminary plans for developments of:
  • More than 5 lots
  • 1 to 5 lots

  • $100
  • $25
Final plats
$150 per plat, plus $10 per lot

Please Note the Following
  • The fee for townhouse developments will be based on the fee for residential lots, which is $50 per lot.
  • DAC Plans - current USPS certified mailing fee for each adjacent property owner and $10 per sign, per road frontage.
  • No site plan review fee will be charged for institutional site plans (e.g. churches).
Forest Stand Delineation & Conservation Plan Review Fees:
  • Forest Stand Delineation Review: $100, plus $10 per acre
  • Forest Conservation Plan Review: $200, plus $20 per gross acre for plans greater than 5 lots