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Maryland Criminal Injuries Compensation Board


CompensationWhat is the Maryland Criminal Injuries Compensation Board?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board provides financial assistance for innocent victims of crime. The Board may compensate victims who suffer physical injury for their medical expenses and loss of earnings and in some circumstances, may cover psychological injuries for counseling or lost wages. In cases of homicide, the Board may assist with funeral expenses and loss of support on the part of the victim's dependents.

Who May File a Claim?

  1. A person who suffers physical injury or psychological injury as a result of a crime;

  2. A surviving spouse or child of a homicide victim.  Claimants must be at least 18 years of age, and if a minor, the parent or guradian must apply on their behalf;

  3. Any other person dependent for principal support on a homicide victim;

  4. Any person who assumed responsibility for funeral expenses of a homicide victim.

How May I file a Claim?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board will provide the necessary claim forms. Call 410.585.3010. They are also available online in English and Spanish at

What Must I do to Quality?

  • You must report the crime to police within 3 years;

  • You must have incurred at least $100 of unreimbursed costs related to the victimization;

  • To receive lost wages, you must have lost at least two continuous weeks' earnings or support.  This period can be less if you also have more than $100 in other unreimbursed eligible costs related to your victimization.

How Much May the Board Award?

Medical Expenses up to ........... $45,000
Disability up to ................. $25,000
Psychological Services up to ..... $5,000
Funeral Expenses up to ........... $5,000
Total Dependency ................. $25,000
Partial Dependency ............... $17,500

How Soon Must a Claim be Filed?

A claim should be filed within 3 years from the date of the crime or the death of the victim. In cases of child abuse, the claim must be filed within three years of the date the claimant knew or should have known of the abuse.

For more information contact the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board at 410.585.3010.


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