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Grasscycling offers you a totally natural way to help our environment and save time and money in the process



IT’S EASY! Grasscycling offers you a totally natural way to help our environment and save time and money in the process. Here’s how.

A Solution for Grass & Environment THE PROBLEM: A Solution for Grass & Environment
  • Landfill space is being depleted rapidly.
  • Each year, Americans send 150 million tons of solid waste to landfills.
  • Total yard waste makes up 20.1 percent of this solid waste.
  • Grass clippings account for more than 10 percent of solid waste.
  • Grasscycling is the process of naturally recycling grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn while mowing.
  • Grasscycling is a responsible environmental practice.
  • Grasscycling is a program designed by The Professional Lawn Care Association of America to help ease the landfill problem.
  • It’s a cost effective practice:
    Unlike recycling programs for paper, glass and plastic, Grasscycling can be undertaken by each homeowner on his own turf - with no added costs - any many savings.
  • Everybody wins:
    Homeowners wins with a better looking lawn, maintained in less time, effort and cost. The environment wins because nutrients are returned to the earth in a natural process.
  • Lawn and Garden Trimmings Drop-Off Sites


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