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Committed to a successful environmental remediation program at the Scarboro Landfill



Formerly used as a disposal site for municipal solid waste, the Scarboro Landfill is the subject of an environmental investigation and groundwater remediation. The Harford County Department of Public Works is plantcommitted to a successful environmental remediation program at the Scarboro Landfill, and believes that members of the community need to be informed of the findings and progress of the project. Individuals are kept informed by community information meetings and newsletters, and have access to technical information and periodic progress reports.


The Scarboro Landfill is an old landfill located on the property of the Harford Waste Disposal Center. The Scarboro Landfill was operated before landfills were constructed with liners and provisions for leachate collection. Scarboro Landfill was closed in 1986, and the new lined landfill cells of the Harford Waste Disposal Center were constructed on and adjacent to the old landfill area. Several environmental investigations have been conducted at the site, and a concern for the quality of the groundwater down gradient of the old landfill has been identified. Specifically, volatile organic compounds have been detected in groundwater monitoring wells at the landfill, in some cases at concentrations exceeding the drinking water standard established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Volatile organic compounds are synthetic chemicals and include such materials as solvents. Because of these concerns, Harford County has entered into an agreement with the Maryland Department of the Environment to conduct a thorough remediation program.

Overall Programplant

The remediation program for the Scarboro Landfill has two major components which will be carried out concurrently. The remedial investigation/feasibility study will be completed to look at the overall conditions at the site, and to lead to a final remedy for any problems resulting from the old Scarboro Landfill.  A groundwater remediation system has been installed to address the recognized problem of volatile organic compounds detected in groundwater to the south and southwest of the old landfill. This system pumps the groundwater to a treatment unit that removes the volatile organic compounds. Providing the public with information and encouraging community participation are integral to the program.

To complete the variety of tasks required, a contractor has been engaged who will be responsible for implementing the work plans under contract with Harford County. EA Engineering, Science and Technology was selected based upon a detailed evaluation of qualifications, experience, project approach and cost.

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