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Department of the Public Works - Water and Sewer
3334 Abingdon Road, Abingdon MD 21009 410.638.3300 / 410.638.32850
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Joel V. Caudill
Deputy Director
Public Works
Water & Sewer
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Emergency Services
For emergencies (water breaks, no water, low pressure, etc.) call Water and Sewer Facilities and Maintenance at 410-612-1612.
Root Control
Root control is a preventive maintenance project which includes those areas throughout Harford County where roots have infiltrated sewer lines.
Miss Utility
Color Codes for marking underground utility lines. Before you dig, call Miss Utility, at 1-800-257-7777.
Meter Installed or Problems
The Meter Section of the Division of Water & Sewer installs, reads and repairs commercial and residential water meters. Residential meters are read quarterly for quarterly billing and commercial meters are read monthly and quarterly for quarterly billing.
Fire Hydrant Flushing
Fire hydrant flushing allows us to eliminate or expel sediments and other solids that might collect in our mains, thereby providing cleaner water to your home.
Use & Occupancy
When the utilities meet Harford County Specifications, a water meter will be installed and the remote reading wire run to the outside where an electronic reader will be installed. Only at this time, when Harford County Specifications have been completed, will the Use and Occupancy Permit be issued.
Full Time Maintenance Department
Maintenance includes providing all customers with uninterrupted service 24-hours a day, 365 days per year, i.e. water into the house and sewer out of the house.

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Full Time Maintenance  
Meter Installed / Problems  
Miss Utility  
Root Control  
Use & Occupancy  
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