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Miss Utility

Before you dig, call Miss Utility at 1-800-257-7777.

Miss Utility Color Code

Miss Utility requires that underground utilities be marked prior to excavation. Residents, Contractors and anyone planning to dig must call Miss Utility 48 hours before planned work.Miss Utility notifies Harford County Water and Sewer Division and other member utilities who then mark the utility lines at the proposed excavation. This allows you to dig safely, avoid interruption of services, legal problems, job/project delays and accidents and injuries.

Have the following checklist ready before you call:

  • Caller name and telephone number ?
  • Alternate name and telephone number ?
  • Type of work ?
  • Who is the work being done for ?
  • Location of work/street address ?
  • City, County, State ?
  • Nearest intersecting street ?
  • Extent of work ?
  • Special instructions for marking ?
  • ADC Map number and grid ?
  • Using explosives ?
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