Unregulated Conditions

The following conditions do not constitute zoning violations:
  • Storage of untagged or inoperable vehicles on the street (may be reported to the Sheriff's Office)
  • Trees and tree limbs, or other plants which are a visual obstruction or are growing across property lines**
  • Property line disputes**
  • Height of grass on properties which are NOT located within an approved subdivision and are more than 5 acres
  • Drainage and runoff (call 410-638-3545)
  • Abandoned homes (call 410-638-3122)
**Property line disputes and other private property issues between neighbors are not zoning violations. In such cases, Harford County has no standing with which to intervene as these types of matters are civil issues and must be dealt with by the individual homeowners. The Harford County Community Mediation Program (HCCMP) offers a free, voluntary and confidential dispute resolution service to county citizens.