Counseling Services

House Sitting on Dollar Bill
Harford County Housing & Community Development offers several types of homeownership counseling. 
  • Pre-purchase and post-purchase Homeownership Counseling: Counselors help increase client awareness of the process of becoming a homeowner, and calculate the affordability of homeownership.
  • Budget Counseling: Counseling is available to assist clients in enhancing their financial management skills.
  • Mortgage Default and Delinquency: Counseling is available to increase client awareness of programs available to prevent foreclosure (when possible). Counselors discuss with clients the foreclosure process, and are also available to work on a client's behalf with lenders (when necessary). Download and print the Foreclosure Counseling Intake Packet (PDF).
  • Rental Counseling and Rent Delinquency: Counselors help clients understand the rental process and rights of tenants.
  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling (HECM): HUD Certified Housing Counselor is available to provide the required HUD HECM Counseling needed prior to the application.
For more information, please call 410-638-3045.