By buying local, we not only provide our families with high-quality and affordable goods from producers that we know and trust, but we also keep agriculture as a viable industry, thereby preserving farmland and maintaining our rural heritage. 

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At the Agricultural Center:

Harford County Farm Bureau - Suite 200


Promotes agricultural education and advocacy for local farmers. As a branch of the Maryland Farm Bureau, its focus is legislation that promotes and protects rural Maryland and its natural resources. 

Maryland Department of Agriculture Forest Pest Management - Suite 400


Serves the citizens of Maryland through detection, evaluation, and monitoring of forest pests and their damage and conducting suppression projects on invasive pests.

Harford Soil Conservation District - Suite 500


Delivers Maryland’s agricultural conservation programs for best management practices on farms. It also reviews and approves urban erosion and sediment control plans, with goals of conserving natural resources and protecting the Chesapeake Bay. 

University of Maryland Extension - Suite 600


A statewide, non-formal education system that provides resources and problem-solving assistance to citizens in the areas of agriculture, home gardening, master gardening, nutrient management, 4-H youth development, food and nutrition, and health and wellness. 

Harford County Agricultural Services - Suite 700


Serves as the liaison to the Harford County Farm Bureau, Farm Fair, and the University of Maryland Extension. It supports agriculture through various initiatives and leads the Economic Development Agricultural Advisory Board, which makes recommendations from the agricultural community to the county executive. 


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from the Maryland Extension Office of Harford County 

"Satellite Plants Roots in Agriculture" - Satellite Today article

Harford County Agriculture Tour

July 19. 2023

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