In an Emergency, Every Minute Counts

Homes and businesses in Harford County must have address numerals clearly displayed on their homes or buildings. Failure to do so hinders the response of ambulance, fire and law enforcement personnel who may need to find an address quickly during an emergency. A delayed response could result in additional property damage, serious injury or loss of life.

Failure to comply within 15 days of official notification may result in fines:

  • $25 for the first offense
  • $50 for the second offense
  • $100 for each subsequent offense

In an emergency, every minute counts

Display numbers so they do not blend into the house (e.g. dark on light or light on dark). If you live off the roadway and/or have no mailbox, place a sign displaying your address at the end of driveway.

For your safety, please correct this problem as soon as possible. For more information, contact the 911 GEO-Database Supervisor Robin S. Wales at 410-638-4250.

Section 84-1 of the Harford County Code

  • An owner of improved real property shall display numerals indicating the numerical address assigned to the property. The owner shall be responsible for the attachment of such numerals to the outside of the main portion of the improved property so that the address is plainly visible from the public roadway or which the property fronts. The owner shall use numerals at least 3 inches high (if displayed within 10 feet of the public roadway) and of a color which contrasts with the surface on which they are mounted.
  • If the numerals are not clearly visible from the roadway or if the building is more than 150 feet from the roadway, the owner shall post a 2nd set of numerals clearly from the roadway. Numerals shall be mounted on a contrasting surface at least 3 feet above the ground and located on the driveway or entrance land within 10 feet of the public roadway.
  • Numerals displayed on a mailbox may qualify only if the mailbox is located on the same site of the public roadway as the improved property and the numerals are clearly visible when approaching from either direction along the roadway.
  • In the case of multiple improved properties served by a single lane or driveway (within 10 feet of the public road) and at each branch or junction of the lane or driveway to indicate the proper lane or driveway for each improved property.
  • The owner of an improved property shall display a second set of numerals on the rear of the principal improvement if the improvement is used for commercial purposes.