HCG All-STAR Program Information

A quarterly award (All-STAR) will be bestowed upon identified Harford County employees who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments and exemplify exceptional public service, organizational pride, and dedication to the promotion of the community by contributing above and beyond the scope of regular job duties, responsibilities and requirements.

The All-STAR award provides opportunities for the public and fellow employees to recognize eligible employees for both individual and team achievements in areas such as customer service, performance related suggestions, leadership, volunteerism, exhibiting special skills, special project involvement and demonstrations of heroism.
The Department of Human Resources shall be responsible for administering the All-STAR employee recognition program.

Specifically, all exempt, grant, temporary, and permanent employees who have completed their probationary period are eligible for inclusion in this program. All other affiliations such as, Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Circuit Court, State’s Attorney, Health Department, Department of Social Services, Board of Education, Library and Harford Community College employees are ineligible for nomination and consideration as it pertains to the Harford County All-STAR program.
Aforementioned employees may be eligible individually or as part of a group and all nominations are welcome.

Employees who received a disciplinary suspension, performance improvement plan including but not limited to supervised sick leave or other serious disciplinary action within twelve months prior to a nomination event are not eligible for consideration. The Department of Human Resources will be responsible to verify eligibility under this criterion.

Recognition Criteria
The All-STAR award is intended for employees who, in addition to being role models, have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and extraordinary service for Harford County. Employees must exemplify exceptional public service, organizational pride and dedication by contributing above and beyond the scope of regular job responsibilities and requirements. Efforts that go beyond the scope of regular job responsibilities and job requirements may include, but are not necessarily limited to the following examples:
  • Exhibiting an outstanding level of service as it relates to Harford County’s mission, which carries with it a social responsibility to its citizens.
  • Finding innovative, efficient ways to do things better, safer, faster and smarter to improve operations, design or process.
  • Demonstrating an act of heroism.
In addition, any such candidate should demonstrate core values such as:

  • Putting the needs of the team/group/unit/company first, even when inconvenient.
  • Acting as a mentor or catalyst to help coworkers succeed.
  • Volunteering for challenging or unpopular tasks and demonstrating a commitment to excellence.
Integrity & Excellence
  • Being honest and ethical.
  • Respecting the opinions of others.
  • Being accountable.
  • Committed to being the best in your chosen profession.
  • Committed to creating exceptional customer experiences.
Nomination Process
Nominations may be made throughout the year by employees and the public. All such requests by the public should be forwarded to the Department of Human Resources who will advise and assist with the process. All internal nominations shall be typed, signed and dated by the nominator and submitted to the Department of Human Resources. All nominations must be submitted on the All-STAR nomination form, which is available via SharePoint. The event for which an employee is being nominated must have occurred within 60 days of nomination. Nominations received during the current quarter are primarily considered for that time frame and the immediate preceding quarter as warranted. All stated information shall be factual and subject to verification. Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.

Selection Board
The All-STAR Selection Board has the responsibility of reviewing all nominations and shall determine if any such nominations deserve the STAR award for the respective quarter. During this process, the board will assure each nomination receives fair and uniform treatment. The Board will consist of seven members with the Deputy Director of Human Resources serving as chair and the Safety Officer serving as vice-chair. A member of the Human Resource office shall also serve as Secretary to the Board. The Director of Human Resources will select Harford County employees to fill the vacant board seats. The board will meet on a recurring basis and as needed to enact the provisions of this policy. Selection Board members are not eligible to be nominated unless the member is a part of a "group" being nominated. The Board reserves the right to require additional information as it pertains to nomination selection.

The All-STAR Selection Board shall meet within thirty days of the end of each quarter to review each nomination form received for that quarter in order to determine the best candidate(s) from the nominations submitted. The Board will maintain confidentiality of all discussions and information addressed at the meetings. Upon deliberation and selection, the Board via the chairperson will present the decision to the Director of Human Resources and Director of Administration for final approval.
The All-STAR selection Board may enact such rules and regulations as they deem necessary for their successful operation. 

The selected recipient(s) will be recognized in the HR Focus and receive a certificate of recognition from the County Executive, a copy of which will be included in the employee’s personnel file. In addition, once selected; the quarterly award winner, whether individually or as a group, will receive a $250.00 gross distribution and each individual will be entitled to an administrative leave day.