Dispatcher Training Program

All Harford County public safety dispatchers begin their career with four weeks of training at our training academy, under the direction of the department's training manager. The academy consists of an intensive program that prepares new dispatchers to handle the situations they will encounter at their consoles. Internal operating procedures, crisis intervention, stress management, and resources availability are only a few of the academy's offerings.

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The training also includes a National Emergency Telecommunicators course and national certifications in emergency medical/fire/police dispatch protocols.

Live Calls

Once the employee completes the training academy they will be placed on a shift and will answer live 911 calls for service under the supervision of a dispatch training officer with ongoing quality assurance reviews by the training staff. Once all established guidelines and training objectives have been met, the employee will be cleared to work by themselves at the discretion of the training supervisor.

Accredited Center of Excellence

Harford County is the first 911 Communications Center in the United States to become a Tri-Accredited Center of Excellence in emergency medical dispatch, emergency fire dispatch, and emergency police dispatch. The accreditation was issued by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

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