Business Recycling and Waste Reduction Awards

Businesses and organizations around the county have been successful in making recycling and waste reduction part of their operations and Harford County Government wants to recognize them for their efforts. Most businesses and organizations find waste diversion and recycling programs well-received by both customers and staff. In addition, these practices can save money on disposal costs. Go green in more ways than one!

What is this award for?

Recycling and waste reduction are important in reducing individual impact through the conservation of resources. To reduce waste, use less packaging, purchase in bulk, and provide reusable instead of disposable materials. In addition, recycling and composting programs divert materials from landfills and conserve resources.

These businesses are among those leading the way in helping Harford County recycle and reduce waste.

2018 Award Winners

Independent Brewery

Independent Brewery is a small company that produces beer and recycles the spent grain into dog treats and farm animal feed.  The company’s production process uses locally sourced grain including barley, wheat and rye, which is soaked in water to convert the starches into sugars. The water is then used to make beer. The remaining grain husk material contains complex proteins that can be a valuable food source for animals. Independent delivers this material to a local company that produces dog treats, which are sold at Independent’s taproom, and to a local farmer who uses the husks to feed cattle and pigs. 

Chesapeak Shredding

Chesapeak Shredding is a mobile shredding company that provides secure document shredding throughout Harford County. Mobile shredding services are a convenient and unique way to increase recycling and reduce waste. Chesapeak Shredding is a local, family-owned company that has been in business for six years. In 2018, the company recycled more than 600 tons of paper.


Plaque and Recognition

Award winners receive a plaque for display and are recognized on the Harford County website, in the local media, and social media.

All award applicants will become Partners in Recycling, receiving a sticker to display in their business and listings on the county website and social media.
Recycling Partners Decal

Past Winners:

The Bayou Restaurant
Fawn View Farm

Interested Businesses

Businesses or organizations in Harford County that work to recycle and reduce waste can be recognized as leaders in the community. Submit completed applications via email or mail to 3135 Scarboro Road, Street, MD 21154.