Edgewood Small Area Study

The study was commissioned by the administration of County Executive Barry Glassman to assess existing resources, analyze market opportunities and help drive revitalization efforts in Edgewood. The Edgewood Small Area Study, planned for approximately 400 acres in Edgewood bordering APG, is an implementation of APG’s Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), which advances the partnership between the community and the installation through resource planning and cooperative land use. Visit the Joint Land Use Study to review the final study.

A federal program that assists communities impacted by planning for the nation’s defense will fund the Edgewood Small Area Study which will result in plans to improve the quality of life in the community that borders APG by redeveloping Edgewood in a way that is compatible with APG’s missions, enhances area business opportunities, and advances stakeholder goals.

View the Executive Summary (PDF)
View the full Edgewood Small Area Plan (PDF)
View the Appendices (PDF)
View the Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)


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Edgewood Small Area Study Plan Presentation