Harford County Historic Landmarks

A Harford County Historic Landmark (HCHL) is a local designation that recognizes historic properties, sites, buildings, structures, objects or districts for their significance in Harford County and or American history, archaeology, architecture, engineering, or culture, and identifies them as worthy of preservation.  A list of designated Harford County Historic Landmarks can be found here.

Harford County has the authority to enact historic landmark designations and historic district zoning overlays, which is derived from the Historic Preservation provisions of the Title 8 of the Land Use Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.  Harford County Historic Landmarks are designated through zoning regulations in Article XIII. General Provisions for Historic Landmarksof the County Zoning Code. 

Owners of Historic Landmarks agree to maintain the property and obtain prior approval for any exterior changes or alterations that require a building permit, through a Certificate of Appropriateness or COA.  General routine maintenance and interior changes do not need prior approval. In exchange, Harford County promises to ensure compliance with the terms of Article XIII and to protect the property for future generations.  To assist property owners with the maintenance of Historic Landmarks, Harford County has a 10% historic preservation property tax credit, which can be combined with State tax credits. Please visit the “Tax Credits for Historic Preservation” section for more information about our property tax credits.

Historic Landmark Signage

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