Applications for Certificates of Appropriateness

*** IMPORTANT: If your Historic Landmark is also a MHT Easement property and/or you plan to apply for Maryland Historic Preservation tax credits, you MUST obtain approval from MHT prior to submitting an application for a COA.  MHT tends to be more conservative in their review.  Something approved by the HPC may not be approved by MHT.  Having prior approval from MHT can speed up the COA process. ***** 

Completed applications are accepted monthly. They are due two weeks prior to a regular monthly HPC meeting (First Wednesday of every month) and are reviewed within 45 days of receipt.  Please see the below schedule. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Please note, that applicants must attend the meeting and present their proposed project to the HPC.  For information about completing an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness please read the Application Instructions. For technical assistance and/or assistance with completing a COA application please contact Jacob Bensen at (410) 638-3101 ext. 1385 or by email at


(submit application materials by 5:00 PM)
January 5
December 17

February 2
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March 2
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April 6
March 18

May 4
April 15

June 1
May 13

July 6
June 17

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