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What can I do as a homeowner to improve stream health?

Everyone’s green choices support healthy streams, even if you don’t have a stream on your property.  The following are different ways you can help.


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Take a Summer Adventure

Looking for something fun to do this summer.  Join us in exploring the beauty of the streams in Harford County and enter to win prizes. Visit our list of locations or pick some of your favorites. For more information, visit Summer Adventure.


Plant with a Purpose

Not all plants, trees, and shrubs provide the same benefits to the landscape or to stream health.  In some cases, they can actually be a nuisance.  For example, research has shown that Japanese Barberry can increase the tick population in your backyard.

Before you head to the nursery to make a purchase, do some research to help you make the best possible choices that provide multiple benefits to you, wildlife, and your local streams.


Construct your own Restoration Project

Many of the types of restoration projects completed by Harford Streams can be scaled back in size for residential projects that are affordable and easy for a homeowner to install. 

For more information, visit the University of Maryland Extension Office.

Watershed Stewards

Join the Watershed Stewards Academy 

The Watershed Stewards Academy is a program developed by the University of Maryland Extension Office. Residents are trained to become community leaders who promote Harford Stream's mission to increase stream health awareness, encourage actions to reduce human impacts to stream health, and engage communities to take actions to improve stream health.

Next session begins September 21, 2021.  For more information about the program requirements, visit Watershed Stewards Academy


Help Make Sure Only Rain Goes Down the Drain 

An important mission of Harford Streams is to keep our waterways clean of pollutants or non-stormwater materials into the storm sewer system via overland flow, direct dumping, or illegal connections. Stormwater pollutants can consist of motor oil, yard waste, transmission fluid, fertilizer and much more! 

Click here to learn more about what you can do in your everyday activities to practice clean water habits!