Emergency Medical Services

Harford County medic unit


The Department of Emergency Services EMS branch will deliver high quality emergency and prehospital care by Harford County paramedics and ambulances responding countywide to supplement services provided by our volunteer fire companies.

EMS Operational Authority

The Harford County Department of Emergency Services is the EMS Operational Authority in Harford County, which includes oversight and medical direction for the Harford County Department of Emergency Services Emergency Medical Services Branch, the Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS Association and the Harford County EMS Foundation. Per Code of Maryland Regulations, medical oversight of the county EMS system will be performed by the Harford County medical director, who in concert with the Harford County Department of Emergency Services, has the following responsibilities:

  • Medical oversight of patient care, including emergency medical dispatch;
  • Standard operating procedures and guidelines development;
  • Review of medical calls for service insuring quality assurance;
  • Training, certification and continuing education;
  • Participation in future planning, evaluation, and best practices implementation; and
  • Liaison to the medical community.

Records Request

To make a request for records or report a problem, please click here to contact the Harford County Department of Emergency Services custodian of records.