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Farnandis Branch at Woodland Run Restoration Project 

The project is still in design. 75% plan will be distributed to homeowners in the fall. 

The purpose of the project is to improve stream health by stabilizing eroding stream banks, providing additional areas for flow during rain storms, and protecting an existing sewer line.

Pre-construction pictures 

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Project design sketch 

The following sketches were created to provide property owners with a better understanding of the proposed design. The vertical red lines below correspond to the red lines above (limit of disturbance). While tree removal with this design is aggressive, it is necessary to provide the additional space for the stream to overtop its banks and spread into the floodplain. This design will provide long-term stability for the stream, protection of the sewer line and improvements to the overall health of the stream.

Woodland flyer Opens in new window

Project design (30% complete) 

The following engineered design represents the proposed plans as shown graphically in the sketch above. This design only includes a portion of the details necessary to construct the restoration. 

2018_11_07 Woodland SR 30 Plans - Compressed Opens in new window