Choose Your Path

About the program

Choose Your Path is a drug, alcohol and mental health education program for youth in grades six to 12. Presented by the Harford County Office of Drug Control Policy, the program was inspired by surveys from local teens revealing details about their lives and the influences that shape their decisions.

Our goal is to help teens stand up to self-pressure, peer pressure and negative influences, and to help them make informed decisions based on facts about drugs and alcohol. Teens will also learn how mental health issues and stress can lead to drug use, and learn healthy coping skills.  Making our youth aware of the influences around them better prepares them to make educated decisions.

Class schedule

In the interest of public safety and to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Harford County, all Choose Your Path classes have been suspended.

Call 410-638-3333 to schedule or click here for online registration.

Program details

Classes are free; lunch and snacks are provided 

Topics include:
  • Alcohol, drug and mental health education
  • Interactive activities
  • K9 unit demonstrations
  • Group discussions
  • Local community speakers

Student expectations

  • Students will actively participate in the program and complete all assigned activities.
  • Appropriate language and behavior is expected of each student throughout the session(s).
  • Appropriate dress is required. No hats, bandannas, tank tops, revealing attire, or clothing advertising alcohol or drugs.
  • Students will arrive on time and will remain for the duration of the program.
  • No smoking is allowed by the students during the entirety of the program.
For more information, read the Program Brochure (PDF)